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 Part holiday party and part artist salon, December 15th's Open House was casual event that invited everyone to celebrate all that SCAAC accomplished in 2022.

Legacy Collection Art Cards Exhibit


12 artists were commissioned to create artwork based on artifacts from the Stanwood Area Historical Society Legacy Collection, most of whom were able to attend the event to talk about their work. This unique collaboration brings new life to old objects, enticing one to view history in a new light - and medium. Local photographer and SCAAC board member, Judy Fernandes, designed a postcard for each artwork. A perfect gift, this pack of 12 postcards is a handheld art exhibit. Sales from these cards will benefit the Stanwood Area Historical Society. 

More Mobile Art Center (MAC)

The MAC will provide an interactive space for artists, art lovers and curious community members to view, create and appreciate art of all kinds. Built Design in Everett, WA has designed an incredibly efficient, completely transformable space; with the shifting of a few elements, the space can convert from gallery to classroom to gift shop. We’re excited to get this (art) show on the road. Click here to learn more about the MAC, business partnerships (we'll place your logo on the back of the MAC for all to see!) and individual sponsorships (you can leave a lasting legacy on the Giving Wall). 


Enjoy Community

SCAAC's dream is for art to build, bridge and weave community through art. This Kick-Off event was a rich time of community. We were thrilled to pack the Floyd with people to celebrate a dream that is coming true, to invite people to share with us in making that dream happen, and to just enjoy the rich diversity of people that make Stanwood-Camano so great. 

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