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The Mobile Art Center (MAC) will provide an interactive space for artists, art lovers and curious community members to view, create and appreciate art of all kinds.


This custom trailer is being designed and built locally and with your help,

we’ll be on the road by Spring 2023!
We've already raised over half the funding we'll need to bring

this incredible vehicle to our community.

We would love your help to reach our goal!

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The Mobile Art Center (MAC) will be a fully transformable space, changing from classroom to gallery to workshop to marketplace with ease.

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SCAAC's mission to make art accessible for all will be realized through workshops designed for youth, seniors, families and everyone in between.

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As a traveling gallery, we'll be able to bring art where it's needed most - EVERYWHERE! We'll be able to visit schools, parks, businesses and events.

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SCAAC was started by local artists, envisioning a collaborative community all working together to support the creative economy.

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