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Afternoon of the Arts

"Afternoon of the Arts" is a pilot program run by SCAAC in partnership with Utsalady Elementary and the school's Booster Club (aka: parent-teacher org). One day each month (January, February & March), the afternoon was reserved for art, creativity and togetherness. Local artists taught a lesson to students at each grade level – that's 420 students from Pre-K to 5th grade!


The students have made:

1) Art for Each Other : artist trading cards 

2) Art for Fundraising : each class created an auction piece to support future arts programming

3) Art for Utsalady : large-scale, installed art to beautify the school


We are so proud of our teaching artists: M. Andrew Curry, Bobbi Samples, Hanna Gould, Katie Walton, Kelly Crumpley, Lael Williams, Resha Hanson, Shogo Ota & Tasha Smith.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone at Utsalady Elementary:

- Principal Michael Hanna

- Callie Darland and the Utsalady Booster Club

- All the incredible teachers and staff

- All the parents that volunteered in the classrooms

The Utsalady STEAM Fair & Student Art Auction is April 23, 6 – 7:30pm at Utsalady Elementary. The whole community is invited to see student projects, bid on student art work, and see the incredible installations made by Utsalady students, led by local artists. RSVP here. See you there!

Pssst: Do you want AoTA to come to your school? Let us know!

Art for Each Other


Art for Each Other

Students created "Artist Trading Cards" using different mediums and techniques at each grade level. Once all the cards were dry, Principal Hanna offered the school a "trading time", giving students time to trade their cards with their friends and teachers.

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Art for Fundraising


Art for Fundraising

To build AoTA into an annual program, it needs to be sustainable. The student art auction at the annual STEAM Fair is an opportunity for parents and community members to support the program and future arts education.

Come see the incredible art the kids have created! RSVP here.

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Check out the auction items:

Art for Utsalady
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Art for Utsalady

This was a BIG one! Principal Hanna asked us to beautify walls, hallways and stairwells with large-scale student art that will live at the school for years to come. 

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