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Art Center

It's happening!

The Meyer Art Center will be a 10k sq ft beacon to the arts in the historic downtown west end of Stanwood. The MAC will be built on the site of “Stanwood Hardware Co.”, built in 1903[1] and in operation until the 1970s when it became a furniture store, finally closing its doors in 2020. SCAAC plans to repurpose as much of the hardware store building as possible in the new structure, designed by acclaimed Seattle-based architects, Olson Kundig.


What we’re trying to accomplish:

A central and communal creative space dedicated to our region’s passion for the arts will provide a cultural anchor, foster the creative community, and drive the local economy.

Art gives voice to those who can’t find the words, whether it’s in appreciation or in creation.  Access to the arts strengthens mental and emotional health for people of all ages, one of many positive outcomes.

The Meyer Art Center will be an art-focused “third place” where community is woven together; a place beyond schools, workplaces and homes, where people can gather and engage; a place that can strengthen healthy bonds and foster the growth of new relationships and connections.


[1] The hardware store building was inventoried in a 2007 Washington State Dept of Archaeology and Historic Preservation survey and determined not to be “historically significant”. This was primarily because of the mid-century re-modeling, especially the window fronts, updated siding and the storage additions as happens with many old buildings.

Art Center Feedback

View the Art Center Presentation:

On Tuesday, October 17th, SCAAC, Olson Kundig and local architects presented the building design process, and showed renderings of the work so far.

Presentation Agenda:

Spring 2023 Community Survey Results

Revisit Feasibility Study

Landscape Approach

Building Design

We'd love to hear your thoughts

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