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Help us get this (art) show on the road!

MAC Construction Assistant

  • Perfect for the handyman, DIYer and fan of "How It's Made"! You'll transform an empty trailer into an art center on wheels!

  • This position will require the ability to work on your feet for 6 - 8 hours.

  • Construction experience preferred. (Experience with demo/plumbing/electrical/rehab a plus!)

  • Timing: ASAP

Email for details.

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Mural Intern

  • You'll learn from a true master! World-renowned artist, Shogo Ota, is designing the MAC exterior. He will prep the walls with his design, and then you'll come in and paint his vision!

  • This position will require the ability to work on your feet for 6 - 8 hours.

  • Painting experience preferred - house painting counts!

  • Timing: April 17 - 26, 2023


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We need your help!

The Mobile Art Center (MAC) is a community project - SCAAC is working to bring all the pieces together, but we can't get this show on the road without you!

Think of all the incredible ways that the MAC will provide access to the arts: We will literally be able to meet people where they are! Whether that's offering a "no travel" field trip from the parking lot of our local schools or offering art classes at the local farmer's market - we'll be everywhere our community needs us.

Please consider helping us however you're able.

Want to support the Mobile Art Center with funds?

Click here to check out our MAC sponsorship options.

(You can also click here to support SCAAC's efforts to bring art to all.)

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