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Photo Ownership

DSC Call for Art 2022

Photography Ownership City of Stanwood:

All photography images associated with this project shall be the property of the City of Stanwood.  The City shall also have the right to use the image(s) on any City materials, including website, digital, print and more, as needed to promote the city and tourism initiatives. Artist shall also retain the right to use their designs as desired for other purposes that do not conflict with the City’s digital travel photography project.


Photography Ownership Snohomish County:

All photography images will be attributed to the artist/content creator through Snohomish County’s Digital Asset Management system. The images will become property of Snohomish County.

Terms and Conditions from Snohomish County:

  • Photography and Copywriting Use Terms and Conditions

By submitting your Work to our website or social media platforms, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, and are granting Snohomish County/Seattle NorthCountry (SNC) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license (with sublicense and assignment rights) to display and use your Work on SNC owned social media accounts, on our website at , and in marketing materials produced for SNC, at SNC’s sole discretion. However, you will not be entitled to any form of compensation whatsoever in exchange for allowing us to display your Work in the uses described above. All uploaded images are attributed to both the creator and Seattle NorthCountry.

Furthermore, by submitting your Work, you are representing:

  1. That you are 18 or over;

  2. That the Work is wholly your own, original work and not a derivative or copy of someone else’s work (including, but not limited to, another person, company, entity, or publication);

  3. That you own the full rights to license and distribute the Work and full rights and permissions to license and distribute the Work from any third party person, company or brand represented or shown in the Work;

  4. That you agree to license the Work, without receiving compensation of any kind or any other conditions, to SNC for display on Seattle NorthCountry social media accounts (including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest), the Seattle NorthCountry website at, and SNC marketing materials (including, but not limited to collateral, trade show displays, advertising, and videos). This license will extend worldwide, in perpetuity, and is irrevocable;

  5. That you understand and acknowledge that by uploading your Work to our website or social media platforms, it may be used by SNC, Snohomish County, or third-parties who have access to SNC Media Hub; and

  6. That the Work does not contain inappropriate, illegal, harassing, defamatory or objectionable content; and

  7. That you agree to indemnify and hold harmless SNC, Snohomish County, and their employees, assigns, and agents in the event that you breach any these Terms and Conditions.

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