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Call for Art Review : Finalists

A note from the SCAAC Banner Review Team:​

We received a total of 112 submissions - just incredible! Many artists submitted more than one banner.


Artists were asked to submit banner designs that represented 4 themes (see full call for art here):

- Stanwood Landmarks

- Rosemaling/Norwegian Art*

- Winter/Holiday

- Fall/Autumn


While taste in art is subjective, art has an established set of rules for creating something that is attractive, moving and stimulating. In reviewing this artwork, we considered each piece’s creativity and originality, and the quality of the artwork and artistic skill demonstrated. We assessed how well the artist followed the themes set forth by the City of Stanwood in the Call for Art. We also discussed that the artwork should be welcoming (it's on a "Welcome to Stanwood" arch!) and would be viewed from a distance, usually while driving.

Note for the "Rosemaling/Norwegian Art" entries: We had an idea to mirror the design on either side of the arch. See what that would look like here.

This is a special project for us and for Stanwood - thank you for your work reviewing our selections!

- Cat Olson, Executive Director 

*What is "rosemaling"?

Rosemaling is a painting tradition that originated in rural, eastern communities of Norway in the mid-1700s. Characterized by ornate curves, flowing scrollwork and floral designs, traditional styles are regionally distinctive and named for the region in Norway in which they first developed. Learn more here.

We did not judge the quality of the rosemaling in its adherence to traditional methods or design. Rosemaling, in this context, may be seen as an inspiration - some banners have been designed in the rosemaling style.